Our First Ambassador - Miss Cheshire Eco 2019

We are Very Excited to inform you all that the first Ambassador to join New Wave Clothing is the current Miss Cheshire Eco 2019 Champion.

We are thrilled to have Becca on board with our brand, she is an amazing young woman who throughout 2019 worked very hard to become Miss Cheshire Eco. Through her efforts, she gained the recognition she deserved and we are very happy to have her representing our brand.

Becca shares our views and values on fast fashion, how it affects the environment and how we all need to pull together to do our bit for the planet.

Here is what Becca had to say about the outfit that won her the award. "I created the entire outfit by up-cycling materials that were going to be thrown to waste. This included going into local businesses and asking for off cuts & rubbish that they didn’t want as well as going into charity shops and asking for items that weren't displayed but instead kept in the back because they 'weren’t good enough. It was all about the message of making sure that everything is reused, reduced and recycled. I am super happy to be joining New Wave Clothing as a brand ambassador and I can not wait to see what 2020 has in store."

We can't wait to see what Becca does next and are proud to have her on board.

The New Wave is growing, let us know if you share our values and would like to get involved.