No Fast Fashion Here!!

No Fast Fashion Here!!

In a world of ‘fast fashion’ cheap clothes and the attitude of ‘throw it away and buy another one’ we are trying to make a stand.

We are a clothing brand with big plans to make a difference where we can. To educate and help people to realise you can look good, not spend a fortune, give back and be sustainable.

 All our products are Plastic Free, Recycled, Recyclable, Bio Degradable and Organic. We use Organic cotton for our Garments. Our shipping bags are made from a bi-product of Cane Sugar making them bio degradable. Our swing tags are made from Recycled materials. We have worked hard to ensure we are Plastic Free and proud.

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 On our Wondr account page where are trying to link with like minded people and business’s to help change the way we buy clothes! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading and i hope you all Join The New Wave