The Next Generation

What we do today and in the coming years with how we process and dispose of our waste products will have a huge impact on our future generations. Recycling is an important part to this, along with reusing, reselling and using companies who responsibly source materials.

We need to encourage the next generations to care about the environment. To think outside the box of new ways to tackle an age old problem. 

Just like this enterprising young lady who was a student at the University of Sussex held her nose and developed a plastic-like material made from scales and skin. Not only is it made from waste, but it’s also biodegradable.

Much like our packaging which is produced from a bi-product of sugar cane, and grown on reclaimed waste land and therefore having no impact on the rain forest, our Eco mailing bags are fully recyclable, use no fossil fuels and are produced from the greenest material on the market.

This lateral thinking has enabled New Wave Clothing to be 100% Plastic Free and be 100% Carbon Neutral. Along with this, we also give back to the Marine Conservation Society. You can see all the amazing work they do here -

We need to encourage more schools, local councils and communities to do their bit, each day, each week. If we can ensure that this practice becomes 'normal' then we can all work together to a cleaner future.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this post. We hope you all have a productive week and are looking forward as we move in to the year 2020!!